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Ayurveda Dosha Quiz

Take this FREE 3-Minutes Ayurveda Dosha Quiz to:

* Help you identity your Ayurvedic Constitution (body/mind type) - your own unique combination of Doshas that no one else has!
* Uncover the hidden cause of all your physical and mental discomforts,
* It will also help you understanding yourself better; why you are the way you are and act the way you act
* Knowing your Ayurvedic type will help you figuring out a diet and lifestyle that are perfect for you personally and how to find the remedies that work for you.

* Knowing your Constitution will help you to make the correct lifestyle choices and how to rectify your ‘Vikriti’ or ‘Personal Imbalance’ through natural ways.

Once determined, you can use this information to make Lifestyle Choices that help you to lead a more Balanced and Healthy Lifestyle.

Ayurveda Dosha Quiz
Answer the questions based on your overall, lifelong tendencies and not according to temporary or recent conditions.
My Body Frame is:
Thin, very tall or very short
Medium, well-proportioned
Ample in build

My Structure is:
Heavy bone structure
Light bones, prominent joints
Medium bones

My Weight is:
Hard time gaining weight
Gain or lose easily, if you put your mind to it
Gain easily, hard time losing

My Eyes are:
Small, active, dark eyes
Large attractive eyes thick eyelashes
Penetrating light green, gray or amber eyes

My Skin is:
Dry skin, chaps easily
Oily skin and hair
Thick, cool, well-lubricated

My Complexion is:
Dark, tan easily
Fair, sunburn easily
Tan slowly but evenly, skin stays cooler

My Hair is:
Dark, rough, wiry or kinky
Fine, light, slightly oily hair, blonde, red or early gray
Thick wavy hair, oily, dark or light

My Nails are:
Strong thick nails
Flexible, but strong

My Speach is:
Slow, monotonous
Sharp and cutting

My Taste preferences are:
Sweet, sour, salty
Pungent, bitter, astringent
Sweet, bitter, astringent

My Food preferences are:
Like to snack, nibble
Like high protein foods, like chicken, fish, eggs, beans
Love fatty foods, bread, starch

My Thirst is:
Unusually thirsty
Rarely thirsty

My Imbalances are:
Fevers, rashes, inflammation more likely
Nervous disorders or sharp pain more likely
Excess fluid retention or mucous more likely

My Perspiration is:
Cold hands and feet, little perspiration
Good circulation, perspire frequently
Moderate perspiration

My best Climate is:
Prefer warm climate, sunshine, moisture
Prefer cool, well ventilated places
Warmer climate, as long as it is not too humid

My Appetite is:
Irritable if you miss a meal; good appetite, cannot skip meals
Variable, can get very hungry, but may find "eyes were bigger than stomach"
Like to eat, good appetite, but can skip meals if you have to

My Bowel Movements are:
Irregular, hard, dry, constipated
Easy and regular, if anything soft, oily, loose stools twice a day
Regular daily, steady, thick, heavy

My Digestion is:
Sometimes good, sometimes not
Usually good
Fine but sometimes slow

My best Routine is:
Enjoy planning and routine, especially if you create it
Work well with routine
Dislike routine

My Mind is:
Creative thinker, change your mind easily
Good initiator and leader, have opinions and like to share them
Good at keeping an organization or project running smoothly, change mind slowly

My Physical Activity is:
Like to stay active
Enjoy activity especially competitive sport
Not very sporty, love leisurely activities most

My Emotional Temperament is:
Tend towards fear, insecurity and anxiety under stress
Tend towards anger, frustration or irritability under stress
Avoids difficult situations

My Dreams are:
Often dream, but rarely remember them: e.g. fearful, flying, jumping, running dreams
Remember dreams easily, often dream in color: fire, angry, violence, war dreams
Only remember dreams if especially significant or intense: watery, romantic dreams

My Sleeping habit is:
I am a light sleeper with a tendency to awaken easily
I am a moderately sound sleeper, usually needing less than eight hours to feel rested
My sleep is deep and long. I tend to awaken slowly in the morning

My Sexual Interest is:
Variable sexual interest and drive
Readily sexual interest and drive
Steady sexual interest and drive





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Note: Even a thoughtful test cannot take the place of an evaluation by a qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner. The results of this test may give a good indication of the primary doshas in your Constitutional type (Prakriti) but the evaluation of your practitioner may be more accurate.

Disclaimer: The above Prakriti test and results are intended as a convenient tool to provide practical information on your Ayurvedic constitutional type. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. In addition, it should be noted that while this information should be considered highly useful it is not meant to replace the skilled constitutional analysis of a professionally trained Ayurvedic Practitioner.